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We Dont Like You...

...And you know it

Over 1 million hated...
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Welcome to iDoNtLiKeUiDiOt. and yes. we do hate you. and you know it. so there.
If you have suppressed anger problems, and you need to vent about the stupid idiots in your exsistence, you drank too much last night and woke up beside a stranger with an eye problem, if your stupid douche ex called you at 2am last night, if youve dated a guy named rory, if you are still getting over your previous stalker, or if you just need to smoke a little pot and feel better, then this is the community for you!

. .: :*tHe RuLz Biatch*: :. .

1. Dont be an idiot. cuz yeah, there's a little too many of those in the world.
2. Vent about anything in general, but dont be a douche to other members.
3. Dont whine....thats just plain annoying.
4. Post pics, unless their of some dude with a small cock...or some chick with saggy tits...that would just be really douche of you....
5. Don't be ignorant, cuz that would make you an idiot.
6. Have fun most importantly...cuz umm yeah, you dont need to be too hardcore...alright?